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Laser Scanner Riegl VZ-1000


Usher & Company purchased a Riegl VZ1000 laser scanner in October 2011

Capabilities include;

Rapid and safe terrain modelling, the VZ1000 can measure over 1200 metres to most objects.

Perfect for measuring and modelling open cut pits, stockpiles, tailings dams, volume surveys generally and overhead power lines.


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Latest Project

Charlestown Square

Location: Charlestown, NSW

Value: $344 million

Completion: 2011

Usher and Robson have been involved on the project for 3 years full time. Successfully working alongside architects, engineers, project managers, and site foremen setting out all structural and architectural elements of the building to completion. In addition, Usher & Robson have completed tenancy lease plans for all of the new shops - approximately 200 including major retailers and numerous existing shops.